Talk – Using Fedora in the classroom

Spreadsheet assignment

Spreadsheet assignment

So I’m sitting here in Kraków, doing some last-minute preparation for my talk (Fedora in the Classroom) at the upcoming Flock conference next week.

I’ll be looking at why we use Fedora in our school, what tools we use to setup and maintain our workstations, and the actual subjects that we teach our students, complete with actual projects1 that our students have done.

If you’re a teacher looking for ways to use open source software in the classroom, an administrator looking for a computer curriculum that emphasizes creativity and comprehension over memorization and rote learning, or you’re just interested in seeing how Fedora is effectively used in a school environment, please do come check it out.

[1] Projects have been anonymized to protect student privacy


6 thoughts on “Talk – Using Fedora in the classroom

    1. jdieter Post author

      It may not be LTSP, but Fedora supports multi-seat out of the box, so our 44-seat labs contain only 11 computers. As for an education spin, there was one for a number of releases, but it seems to have faded out now.

      1. q2dg

        Yes, but multi-seat is not Ethernet-like. It’s a pity.
        Yes, I know Education Spin. I think this is a real strategical error.

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