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InstallQuest 2011

InstallQuest logo

InstallQuest 2011 is only four days away! The idea of the InstallQuest is to mix installing Linux on participant’s computers with short lessons on how to use their new desktops.

We have three members of the local Fedora community involved, along with a few members from other local Linux communities. A number of my students have been asking for Fedora, so hopefully this will be an opportunity for them to get it.

InstallQuest logo – Released under a CC-BY license. Modified from USB Flash Drive by Ambuj Saxena



My family and I will be going on a six-month sabbatical from Lebanon. I’ve been working seven years as a teacher and system administrator for the Lebanon Evangelical School and haven’t been back to see my extended family for three years.

We will be in Ireland for most of July, and then in the States (southwest Washington State) from early August until the end of December. We will be back in Beirut on New Year’s Eve and ready for a new term in school when Christmas break finishes.

I have no idea how this sabbatical will affect the time I spend on Fedora. I suspect that I will have more time available, but it’s entirely possible that the opposite may occur. Either way, I’m looking forward to seeing family and friends, and I can’t wait to watch my daughters play with their cousins for the first time.