Locks in the classroom – 2016

For the fourth year now, our grade nine students have been doing 3D modeling using Blender. A couple of weeks ago, our students finished up their first assignments, and I gave the top modelers the option of showing off their work. This year one of my students came in already an expert at 3D modeling (far, far better than I am), so he’s been inspiring other students to go above what I’ve seen in previous years. Without further ado, here are the top models from each of the three grade nine classes (click on the pictures for Full HD renders).

Lock by Barbour - CC0

Lock by Barbour – CC0Source

Nice use of materials, with a colorful choice for a background image.

Lock by Tala - CC BY

Lock by Tala – CC BYSource

Very creative and very different than most of the others. I love the key.

Lock by Yubin – CC0Source
Textures by Laitr Keiows – CC BY-SA 3.0

I normally don’t teach animation until the end of the year, but Yubin didn’t want to wait and came up with this. Very nice!

Lock by Carmouna

Lock by Carmouna – CC BYSource

The artistic eye used to compose this scene makes this project really stand out.

Lock by Nahuda

Lock by Nahuda – CC BYSource

I love the double lock thing going on here.

Lock by RayRay

Lock by RayRay – CC BYSource

The chain just makes this look cool.

Lock by Annan

Lock by Annan – CC BYSource

And wow! Annan used the game physics in Blender to get this chain to rest on the table. This looks great!

Lock by Mohammad

Lock by Mohammad – CC0Source

The final render looks good, but you need to download and open the source to really appreciate this scene. We’re seeing the front of a classroom from inside a locker, with the lock hanging on the door. Mohammad designed the entire classroom and it looks great (and incidentally, looks like most of the classes in the school).

Treasure Chest by JHarake

Treasure Chest by JHarake – CC0Source

When I first looked at this, I thought JHarake had found a great background image. Then I realized that he didn’t use a background image. This is a complete 3D scene, created by a student who makes his teacher’s most intricate Blender projects look like the scribblings of a small child. Well done JHarake!


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