DevConf 2014

Brno cityscape


Thanks to some help from the school, Tro Chakerian (one of my assistants) and I will be going to Brno, Czech Republic for DevConf 2014. I’m really looking forward to getting to meet some other Fedora developers, and I’m hoping to learn a few things that will advance our school’s system over the next year or so.

I’m particularly looking forward to Why use a SAT solver for package management?, DNF API and Future of Fedora Big Picture. The last one is probably the most important for us as a school as we plan to continue to use Fedora on the desktop for the foreseeable future.

View of Brno from Spilberk Castle by Norbert Aepli used under a CC BY 2.5 license


3 thoughts on “DevConf 2014

    1. jdieter Post author

      We greatly appreciate it! When Tro went in for his visa interview, he said they read through the letter and that only thing they questioned about the trip was why he was flying into Vienna rather than Prague. When he explained that it was cheaper and closer, they didn’t have any other questions for him. Hopefully a good sign; we’re still waiting on the visa.

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