Running cars through a blender

For their final Blender assignment, my grade nine students were asked to make an object (in most cases a car) go around some kind of track that followed the contour of the ground. These are some of the more creative projects that I received. Please note that in some cases the source doesn’t perfectly match the video. For some there were extenuating circumstances, and the others had it reflected in their scores.

I like the solid feel that this scene has, despite the glitches in the terrain texture mapping. I did keep expecting the truck to transform.
Car on track by Khodr – CC BY-SA 3.0Source

I’m not completely sure, but I think I would really enjoy driving this car.
Car on track by Shamas – CC BY-SA 3.0Source

I’m not sure if the camera angle really does it justice, but this scene has a really nice switchback. The car, the road and the terrain are all nicely modelled and textured, a rare combination.
Car on track by Fayez – CC BY 3.0Source

This was the only project where the car had headlights that actually project light. Very nice.
Car on track by C.H.W. – CC BY-SA 3.0Source

While not technically brilliant, the creativity and sheer strangeness of this scene made it impossible to exclude.
Car on track by Lynn – CC BY 3.0Source

I love the creative use of white balls for clouds and the covered wagon was icing on the cake.
Car on track by Su A – CC BY 3.0Source

The car bouncing around the track is pure vanilla, but the end is pretty impressive. It brought to mind the end of a movie that I saw as a kid.
Car on track by Oliver – CC BY 3.0Source


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