Naev is now in Fedora

Space ship

The game Naev is now in Fedora’s repositories for 14+. Install using ‘yum install naev’.

Thanks, Spot, for the review.


5 thoughts on “Naev is now in Fedora

    1. jdieter Post author

      Um, we’re talking about the images, right? They’re released under open licenses, and, in my opinion, the ability to regenerate the images isn’t hugely important.

      1. Paul Wise

        Yes, the images.

        Giving users the ability to modify source code and rebuild resulting artefacts is one of the fundamental reasons that the Free Software movement exists in the first place. I think it is a shame that Fedora isn’t able to recognise that in this case.

        You wouldn’t accept this situation for programs that couldn’t be rebuilt with a newer GCC so why should non-program software be any different?

      2. jdieter Post author

        An image isn’t source code. And, apart from that, the images are all png files, available under open licenses, and can be modified if someone is willing to take the time to do so.

        Granted, having the script to convert a blender object into the eight-by-eight png grid would be nice to have, but its not the only way to generate the image of a ship.

  1. Paul Wise

    The same arguments can be had about C and ELF files really, but anyway, I guess that is why I am a Debian developer and not involved in RedHat related projects.


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