Fedora Lebanon

Handwritten letterOne of my friends is an Ubuntu user, and recently introduced me to the Ubuntu Lebanon mailing list. Now I haven’t subscribed, but the archives were sure interesting, and I had to ask myself, “Why don’t we have something like that for Fedora?”

So we now have the Fedora Lebanon users mailing list along with the #fedora-lb chat room on Freenode.

There’s also a page on the wiki that is supposed to serve as a starting page for Fedora Lebanon, but it may be moved.

If you live in Lebanon or if you are Lebanese (or if you wish you were Lebanese), please subscribe to the mailing list and join me in the chat room.

Letter credit: The letter by a.drian on Flickr. Used under a Creative Commons Attribution – No Derivative Works 2.0 license.


1 thought on “Fedora Lebanon

  1. nmarques

    Best of luck for Fedora Lebanon and for placing positive synergies into making it happen.

    Keep up the good work.



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