The Humble Indie Bundle

I’m not sure how many have seen this, but a bunch of independent video game developers have put together a fundraiser for the EFF and Childsplay charity. Basically, you specify how much you’re willing to pay for a set of five (though it seems to have gone up to six now) video games, and how you want the money to be divided between the developers and the charities. The fundraiser finishes in two days.

The best part is that the games are cross-platform and work natively under Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows. My personal favorite is World of Goo, but all of the games have their strong points.

All of the games work under Fedora 13 (x86_64), though a couple of them needed a bit of finessing to get them to run. There seems to be some weird issues with the bundled SDL libraries, so I just removed all of the bundled libraries and installed the corresponding Fedora libraries.

I’m just glad that there are game developers out there that are focusing on Linux.


2 thoughts on “The Humble Indie Bundle

    1. jdieter Post author

      You’re absolutely right and there are loads of games packaged for Fedora that I really enjoy. There’s definitely a difference, though, between most open-source games and proprietary games, especially when it comes to having the game tell a story. There are some open-source games that do tell a good story (I love Warzone2100), but most games involve jumping in and shooting things (think Kobo Deluxe).


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