lesloueizeh.com Fedora mirrors discontinued

Just a heads up for anyone who cares. The presto test repositories for Fedora at http://lesloueizeh.com have been removed. They were only available for Fedora Core 6 – Fedora 10, which have all been EOL’d.

The official Fedora repositories have been carrying deltarpms since Fedora 11, so there was no longer any reason to keep the test repositories around.

The CentOS 5 presto repositories are still available and will be until the CentOS project enables deltarpms for their repositories (if they ever do).

Trash cans credit: trash can lids and handles by shooting brooklyn under CC BY-NC 2.0


1 thought on “lesloueizeh.com Fedora mirrors discontinued

  1. Angel Marin

    I’ve changed the mirrorlist to fall back to official fedora mirrors, so anyone still pointing to our mirror list should get valid mirrors anyway.

    BTW, just a heads up to anyone that used the old presto mirrors: there seems to be a bunch of you that upgraded to f11 and f12 but are still pointing to our mirrorlist, even though I’ll keep it redirecting to the correct one, you should revert your .repo files to the official config to avoid future problems.


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